Jan 20

2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring Review

2009 Hyundai ElantraIt’s too bad Hyundai didn’t try something a little more dramatic with the styling of the new along Tretorn. It is an exceptional car but certainly no one will point or perhaps even notice as it rolls by. But value Monday shoppers will certainly noticed the sub $20000 price. Standard equipment includes: electronic stability control, 4 wheel disc brakes with baby yes 6 airbags. USB, iPod connection XM satellite radio, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel plus the expected power features and hid Hyundai Elantra headlights. The launchers cabin offers plenty of space as well even the rear seats are more than comfortable. Fold the 6040 split seats flat and you’ll find more cargo space than a Nissan Murano. Unlike pricier wagons and SUVs.

Alondra touring driver will have to make do with a 141 horsepower 2 liter inline 4 cylinder engine. That isn’t as bad as it sounds the Alondra touring never feel slow plus shift action from the 5 speed manual is remarkably crisp and precise 0 to 60 comes up in 8.7 seconds. The launcher touring can be entertaining to. The chassis has been tuned with fun in mind although stability control intrudes immediately and abrupt. If you want your launcher a little sharper consider adding the optional 17 inch wheels and tires. The standard 5 speed transmission helps the touring to deliver good fuel economy to. We average better than 25 miles per gallon with one tank full running all the way up to 33.6 miles per gallon.

The launcher touring is compelling on many fronts. But as the interior size of a small sport utility the sportiness and features, of a well to Sudan and the fuel economy, of a compact car. Plus it delivers all this at a price that makes sense. No the 2009 Hyundai Elantra touring won’t draw crowds or high 5 from your buddies. And that’s okay I think of it as a secret. Only you will know just what a great little wagon this really is.