Oct 06

Ultra-fast charging batteries.

charging batteriesSpanish company Graphenano in March began production graphene polymer batteries, capable to provide autonomous operation of electric vehicles more than 800 kilometers of motion.

A new battery besides the greatest at the moment battery life also has two more superiority – its dimensions are on 30% smaller than most lithium batteries, and for a full recharge takes no more than 5 minutes. The use of such batteries is not limited to electric vehicles because of their potential can be used in motorcycles, scooters and even in medicine or the home.

Graphene polymer battery honda crv 2006 headlight production is getting better in the Spanish town of Yecla in the factory Graphenano, and their production should create about 7000 new jobs. Production and sales of batteries made with a Chinese partner Graphenano – holding Grupo Chint, a developer of new technologies in the field of alternative energy sources, which specializes in the production of solar cells and power generation.